At Vanderscheuren nv we unburden professionals such as total designers, interior decorators, construction companies, property developers, interior, furniture or kitchen builders by providing them with our custom metal solutions. Since 1957, SMEs and large companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France have been relying on our metalworking for the design of interiors, offices, shops, business premises and so much more. We process different types of metal into semi-finished products or fully-assembled products, as piecework or in series, in our fully-equipped workshop.

Using various metalworking techniques

An overview of dimensional restrictions for your custom metal work:

CNC turning

  • diameters ranging from 4 mm to 800 mm
  • lengths of up to 1,400 mm


  • lengths ranging from 10 mm to 6,000 mm
  • widths ranging from 10 mm to 800 mm
  • heights ranging from 5 mm to 600 mm

Robotic welding

  • lengths of up to 4,900 mm
  • widths of up to 800 mm
  • heights of up to 700 mm

Laser cutting

  • surfaces of 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm
  • sheet thickness of up to 20 mm

Autogenous welding

  • surfaces of 6000 mm by 1,500 mm
  • sheet thickness of up to 300 mm


  • lengths of up to 4 m

All dimensions are possible for the following:


Simple and more complicated custom metal solutions

Do you already have a design or do you prefer to have your concept designed by our engineers? As a company with more than 65 years of experience in this business, our engineers know exactly what the requirements are for each industry. We select the most suitable metal for your concept and advise you on the options, potential issues and price guidelines. In the end, we produce a feasible, practical and affordable product within the agreed deadline.


Metal in interiors

Metal is increasingly used in interiors because of the great advantages it offers:

  • It adds that certain je ne sais quoi to interiors, enhancing them.
  • Metal combines beautiful design with user-friendliness.
  • It is a robust, reliable and durable material.
  • Metal can be given a practical and aesthetic finish by subjecting it to different types of surface treatment.

All-round supplier of custom metalworking solutions

Vanderscheuren nv can provide you with anything you need, be it a compact or complex part or a fully-finished metal structure, because anything can be done to suit your requirements. We produce prototypes as well as complete series and unburden you of the entire development process.

1. Draw up a quotation and have a product discussion

You can send us your request for a price quotation by email or by using our contact form. We combine all the information that you provide to us in a price quotation. Our costing managers and specialists meet with you to talk through your concept, from start to finish. During this meeting, we discuss the product and review your preferences and expectations, the technical specifications, the quality and the desired delivery period. We use this input to fine-tune our price quotation.

2. Design

Do you already have a technical drawing, or a 2D or 3D design of your product? Or do you prefer to have it designed by our engineers? Both options are possible.

3. Dispatch of our price quotation and registration

We will send you our price quotation as soon as we have completed  it. Our quotations are always very detailed and transparent to avoid any misunderstandings. When we have received your approval of our quotation or your order, we register it in our price quotation system.

4. Internal deliberation

he managers of all our departments hold a meeting before we start the production. They discuss potential improvements, issues and price guidelines.

5. Production

We start up the production of your project. We start by making the first piece measurement so that adjustments can be made where necessary. After this, we produce your project.

6. Shipping and invoicing

We ship the final part to you within the agreed deadline as soon as the production order has been completed. We then send you our invoice.


High quality custom metal

Appearance and quality play an important part in interior applications. At Vanderscheuren nv we have high-technology machines, an in-house quality control department, a customer service department and a climate-controlled measurement chamber to guarantee you a high-quality result. Our certified employees have been striving to create the most aesthetic and practical solutions for over 65 years, always working within the specified budget.

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Types of metal that we can custom process

  • raw steel
  • galvanised steel
  • stainless steel
  • Corten steel
  • aluminium
  • Hardox®
  • PVC