Do you produce products, devices, systems or machines and do you need metal parts for this? At Vanderscheuren nv we have over 65 years of experience of working in the metalworking industry. We use our high-technology machines for the CNC turning, CNC milling, sheet metalworking, manual welding, robotic welding and assembly of different types of metal. We are also your one-stop-shop for custom hydraulic cylinders and a wide range of different surface treatments. We unburden SMEs and large companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France by supplying them with semi-finished products and end products, in series and as piecework, always in metal.


Prototyping or piecework of your metal product

What is a prototype?

A prototype is the first model of a new product. We use such first unit to test matters such as the strength, operation, appearance and composition of the various parts. We map out the strengths and weaknesses and validate the concept together with you. We use this as a basis to further develop the end product.


The advantages of prototyping

Why opt for metal piecework?

  • Prototypes confirm or disprove the design, allowing us to save time, effort and costs from an early stage.
  • Prototyping allows you to check whether different components and parts fit together properly. The parts of the end product thus always fit together perfectly.
  • The piecework of metal offers new ideas and insights.

The technical drawing

Everything starts with the design. We will use a 2D or 3D design as a basis, if you have one already. At Vanderscheuren nv you can also have our technical draughtsmen develop a drawing in consultation with you. We map out all the requirements and needs and create a product design that is feasible, practical and affordable.

Our CAD/CAM systems

We use our high-technology machines to produce the metal parts. They transpose the technical drawing into a specific product by using CAD/CAM software. The CAD/CAM program converts the technical drawing into machine code. The machine reads the code and knows exactly which processes are required and at what speed these must be performed.

Our metalworking techniques

Finally, we make your part tangible. We have a wide range of machines that enable us to perform various metalworking techniques:

When is metal piecework worthwhile?

Piecework is recommended if you want to have a limited number of complex metal products produced. At Vanderscheuren nv we analyse the production and the requested delivery period. We determine what would be the consequences for you if the products cannot be used and whether you therefore need a prototype.


Vanderscheuren nv, iron-clad craftsmanship

SMEs and large companies have been relying on our expertise in metalworking for more than 65 years. We also have sophisticated machines with which we can perform all superior-quality metalworking techniques. Moreover, we have an in-house quality and customer service department and have also obtained ISO 9001 certification. Our skilled team unburdens you of every aspect of the process, whether you need semi-finished products or end products and series or piecework in metal.