Want to have a metal part developed or processed into a semi-finished product or a fully assembled and tested product? Vanderscheuren nv has been the go-to metalworking company for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France since 1957. We unburden SMEs and large companies in the agricultural industry, the food industry, machine building, interior design and other industries by providing them with prototypes and small to medium-sized series.

Your reliable metalworking company

Our aim is to be your metalworking company for the long term, offering you solutions of the highest quality. How do we do this?

  • We are your one-stop shop for metal solutions that are tailored to your application.
  • We have an in-house quality department that aims to achieve ongoing improvement.
  • You have a fixed point of contact in our customer service department.
  • We rigorously check your product in our climate-controlled measuring chamber.
  • We have a fully-equipped workshop with high-technology machinery.
  • We assist you and unburden you of the entire process, starting with the discussion of your idea right up to the follow-inspection.
  • We hold ISO 9001 certification.
About us
About us
About us

All-round metalworking company

We can handle all kinds of metalworking techniques as a metalworking company:

  • Diameters ranging from 4 mm to 800 mm
  • Lengths of up to 1,400 mm

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  • Lengths ranging from 10 mm to 6,000 mm
  • Widths ranging from 10 mm to 800 mm
  • Heights ranging from 5 mm to 600 mm

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Laser cutting

  • Surfaces of up to 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm
  • Sheet thicknesses of up to 20 mm


  • Lengths of up to 4 m

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All dimensions are possible.

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  • Lengths of up to 4,900 mm
  • Widths of up to 800 mm
  • Heights of up to 700 mm

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All dimensions are possible.

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All dimensions are possible.

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All dimensions are possible.

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How we work

1. Draft of the price quotation and discussion

Our costing managers and specialists review your request for a price quotation and draw one up. We then meet with you to discuss the part, the technical specifications, the requirements and your preferences. By using this as a basis, we finalise your quotation.

2. Technical drawing

Do you already have a design? We will check whether we can produce your product to your specifications. If this is not the case, our engineers will create a technical drawing.

3. Registration

You receive our final price quotation. As soon as we have received your approval and order, we register it in our price quotation system.

4. Internal deliberation

All our departments hold a meeting for internal deliberation and feedback. We discuss the opportunities and potential issues.

5. Production

We start up  the first production run of your part. This is followed by a first piece inspection. Production then continues.

6. Shipping and invoicing

We will ship the final part to you as soon as production has been completed. Vanderscheuren nv guarantees just-in-time delivery. When everything is finalised, we will send you an invoice.

Materials that we process

At Vanderscheuren nv we choose different types of metal for your application, depending on their specific properties. Will your machine or product be used inside or outside? Does it need to withstand corrosion or harsh conditions? Our specialists can advise you on the most suitable metal. Thanks to the right machines and our employees’ expertise, we are the perfect partners to process different types of metal:

Steel contains iron and a limited amount of carbon and chromium. Its specific composition ensures high tensile strength and hardness and means steel can be deformed when heated.

When steel is galvanised, its surface is covered with an additional metal coating by the use of electricity. The zinc, nickel or chromium increases the steel’s resistance to corrosion and improves its appearance.

Stainless steel contains several alloys of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon, for example. It is resistant to corrosion and strong. The oxide layer on stainless steel protects the other layers against rust.

Corten steel is a steel alloy consisting primarily of iron. In addition, it also contains copper, nickel, chromium, phosphorus and silicon. Its rust-coloured oxide layer protects the alloy against oxygen.

Aluminium is a lightweight metal. Yet, it is also an extremely strong and deformable material. Aluminium is also a good conductor for heat and electricity and is corrosion resistant.

The main properties of Hardox® are its extreme resistance to wear and tear, its hardness and its strength. This material is thus available in thinner sheet thickness and has a longer service life. Hardox® is widely used in agriculture.

Although polyvinylchloride (PVC) is not a type of metal, it has proved to be very useful over the years. This versatile, affordable plastic is easy to process, sturdy, fire-resistant, wear-resistant, lightweight, durable and recyclable.