Do you work in the agricultural industry and do you have a metal part or machine that needs processing? Have you personally designed a concept that you want to produce? At Vanderscheuren nv we have more than 65 years of experience in metalworking, and we unburden agricultural SMEs and large companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France. We are your one-stop shop for CNC turning, CNC milling, sheet metalworking, manual welding, robotic welding, custom hydraulic cylinders, assembly and surface treatments of both semi-finished products and end products, as piecework or in series.


The metalworking we do for you

Metalworking techniques

An overview of our metalworking techniques and the associated dimensional restrictions:

CNC turning

  • diameters ranging from 4 mm to 800 mm
  • lengths of up to 1,400 mm


  • lengths ranging from 10 mm to 6,000 mm
  • widths ranging from 10 mm to 800 mm
  • heights ranging from 5 mm to 600 mm

Robotic welding

  • lengths of up to 4,900 mm
  • widths of up to 800 mm
  • heights of up to 700 mm

Laser cutting

  • surfaces of 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm
  • sheet thickness of up to 20 mm

Autogenous welding

  • surfaces of 6000 mm by 1,500 mm
  • sheet thickness of up to 300 mm


  • lengths of up to 4 m

All dimensions are possible for the following:


1. Draft of the quotation and discussion

We incorporate all the information in a price quotation as soon as we have received your request to do so. We then invite you to discuss your preferences, requirements, the technical details and the quality of your concept together with our costing managers and experts. We then adapt the quotation.

2. Technical drawing

We use technical drawings as the basis for your metalwork’s design. You can either provide this to us or our engineers can create this for you.

3. Dispatch of the quotation and registration

The quotation is finalised. You will receive a transparent, detailed price quotation from us. When you approve our quotation or place your order, we register this in our price quote system.

4. Internal meeting

The specialists in our various departments hold a meeting. We discuss the possibilities, any complications and an indicative price of your product.

5. Production

We start by producing the first piece. After this has been validated, we produce your project.

6. Delivery and invoicing

We ship your metalwork to you within the agreed delivery period as soon as it is ready. We send you an invoice after you have approved your product.


Vanderscheuren nv, your long-term partner in metalworking

At Vanderscheuren nv we have been supplying custom all-inclusive metalworking solutions to our customers since 1957. We are the point of contact for SMEs and large companies in various industries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France. After more than 65 years in the business, we have extensive experience in agricultural products and structures. We understand where the priorities and issues lie for your agricultural company and unburden you of the entire process. You tell us about your concept or the points in your activities where there is room for improvement and we will produce a feasible, realistic and affordable product.

High finishing level

You can rest assured that we will provide you with superior quality. We have a dedicated quality control and customer service department, a climate-controlled measurement chamber and a fully-equipped workshop with adequate machinery. We also meet the strict requirements in terms of quality management systems and, in addition, have obtained the ISO 9001 quality label. Our professional team monitors the entire process from start to finish, providing a custom practical, feasible and affordable solution for you. Moreover, at Vanderscheuren nv you can also count on just-in-time delivery to avoid work downtime.

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