Hydraulic cylinders are extremely versatile. Custom hydraulic cylinders are used to make products move in various applications. Vanderscheuren nv is a reputable player in the Low Countries and Northern France in the field of metalworking. We have sophisticated machines for CNC turning, CNC milling, sheet metalworking, manual welding, robotic welding and the assembly of several different types of metal. Thanks to our well-equipped workshop and the expertise of our professionals, we are also able to produce custom hydraulic cylinders, both in series and as piecework. We provide custom all-inclusive solutions to SMEs and large companies.

How we produce custom hydraulic cylinders

We use CAD software to develop your custom hydraulic cylinder. We base ourselves on a 2D or 3D technical drawing that you provide to us or have our draughtsmen develop one for you. The CAD system writes a machine code that enables our sophisticated machines to produce a metal part according to the desired metalworking processes.

Wide range of parts for custom hydraulic cylinders

We rely on our own range of parts to produce a custom hydraulic cylinder for your application:

  • ductile heads
  • pistons
  • seals
  • rod end heads
  • ductile heads
  • pistons
  • seals
  • rod end heads
Custom hydraulic cylinders

The advantages of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are a very versatile construction element because of the:

  • simple construction
  • high power density
  • various methods for attachment

Servicing all cylinder brands

Did you have a custom hydraulic cylinder built? You can always rely on Vanderscheuren nv for maintenance or repairs, regardless of the brand of your hydraulic cylinder.

What are hydraulic cylinders?

A hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder barrel containing a piston and a piston rod that move back and forth. The barrel is sealed with a cylinder cap at the bottom. The piston rod protrudes from the housing at the other end, which is sealed with a cylinder head.

Hydraulic cylinders exert a linear force on a product or machine by means of hydraulic fluid (oil). The fluid enters the barrel at one end by means of a hydraulic pump causing the piston rod to extend. The liquid is then discharged on the other side. If the pressure shifts to the rod end of the piston, this will result in a pulling movement.

The types of custom hydraulic cylinders that we produce

We base ourselves on our standard cylinders to produce custom hydraulic cylinders, which we adapt for your application:

1. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders

Single-acting cylinders only push. This hydraulic cylinder does not have a fluid port at the rod end.

2. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders

A double-acting cylinder pushes and pulls thanks to the fluid port at the rod end. This makes retraction or extension possible.

3. Telescopic cylinders

In the case of hydraulic cylinders, the mounts, the thickness of the base, the cap and the piston are a certain length, so that the installation length is greater than the stroke length. That is why telescopic cylinders are used for shorter installation lengths. The piston rod serves as the housing for these cylinders. It contains (anything between 2 and 10) sections, each of which is a different diameter that extends one by one.